Thursday, January 7, 2010


Modernization is the process of shifting attitudes and mentality as citizens to be able to live in accordance with the demands of today. At the present the modernization has happened especially among teenagers. It is caused by the globalization that demands many people to follow the globalization change. The globalization brings many kinds of impact on teens. The impacts are the positive and negative impact.

The positive impacts of modernization are modern technology has changed very fast, the progress of information and the life becomes easier. The first is modern technology has changed very fast and it makes the teens to get new skills. Example in the Internet Technology. Because the teens can find it easily and they can learn anything with the Internet Technology. And then the progress of information, with the Technology Internet can help the teens to get the information for their study. For examples in doing their examination, add our knowledge because we can get many information about everything what you want. Besides that the teens can learn the cultures of other nations and they can compare between countries, and from that they will increase the national culture and they can know the weaknesses and strengths of Indonesian culture. And the last is the life will be easy because all of the aspects of our life are available. Examples in producing the tools of communications and transportation systems. At the time many companies produce the tools of communications and transportation systems with a modern technology. For examples they produce hand phone, computer, note book, bus, car etc. This is one effort to reduce unemployment and improve living standards. It is easier on the move and encouraged to think more advanced and modern.

The negative impacts of modernization are the change of culture, increasing individualism and social inequalities. The first is the change of culture, Change the value of culture in society can make the teenager become confuse, because there are many local and international culture that unite to be one culture. So, the teenager can not differ between local and international culture and the teens who are not ready to accept the changes of culture, they will be shocked. And then is increasing individualism, feel facilitated by advanced technology makes them do not need other people in their activities, sometimes they forget that they are social human beings. And that will deeper the gulf between the individual and others. And the last is modernization will make a social inequality, in the social and cultural life which cause an individual to be left behind or frustration. These conditions can cause an unbalanced situation and unharmonious in life. For examples in the era of globalization, elements of foreign culture make us become adore luxury, consumptive lifestyle has become a pattern of relationships and lifestyles of our young people. For individuals or teenagers who are not ready and can not adjust with the pattern of these relationships, they will withdraw from the association or even the frustration that make them suicide or other behavior disorder.

In conclusion, modernization does not need to be prevented, but the mental preparation necessary to accept and develop it and accept the modernization that proper with the national personality. Besides that, you must believe to become conscious with the social life will not become the individualism and the education is very important to prepare your mental. Modernization that has a negative impact must be rejected.

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  1. I am using a business broadband in Australia and for me, modernization is good as long as we use it wisely.